Dolce Vitaville Sailing Blog No. 2, 1.21.13

Maties, another sailing blog post blow'in your way!

We made it to Marsh Harbour, Bahamas with all our luggage.

On the way down on the airplane we traveled from Houston to Ft Lauderdale with Will Gullatt on the same flight. He is with a group from his work going for a retreat in Nassau we think.

Our flight from Ft L. was delayed for three hours so we hung at Chili's with drinks and potato soup until we heard an announcement with our names. When we checked the United terminal we discovered that they had been calling for us for a long time but we hadn't heard because of the crowded restaurant. Luckily we just made the other flight they had arranged and we soon arrive via puddle jumper to Treasure Cay, the substitute destination. They bought us a cab ride to Marsh Harbour where we were originally bound. It was great except for the old guy who kept whistling “Deck the Halls.” The cab took us to the ferry landing in Marsh Harbour.

The other folks in the cab, including Mr. Christmas, were taking the ferry to Hope Town like we will be tomorrow. From there the cab driver took us to Island Boy Tackle where we rented two fishing rods and a gaff. Then on to the Conch Inn for the night.

We made our way to the room and then the bar for rum and conch fritters.

Tomorrow we shop for provisions here in the morning and then take the ferry over to Hope Town, about a 10 mile trip,to meet Ron the charter rep. and board the boat. After a three hour checkout sail we will sleep on the boat and then sail away on Wednesday provided we pass the check out sail.

That's all for now. See you tomorrow with new adventures and more pictures.

Stephen and Franci


3 thoughts on “Dolce Vitaville Sailing Blog No. 2, 1.21.13

  1. Stephen & Franci,
    I finally caught up with you on your blog and yes the group had a wild time in the Bahamas. It was such synchronicity to see you at the Florida airport. I still have photos I haven’t posted from the trip. Anyway you really know how to live and inspire me to reach new experiences. The band is happy to be in our new studio and the cd is coming along nicely. Enjoying your trip and look forward to sailing with you. wg

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