Dolcevitaville Blog #5

Sat. Jan. 26, 2013

We left Little Harbour this morning at 8 a.m. heading north back towards Hope Town. The winds have been SSE at 5 – 10 mph. We had a beautiful 3 hour sail. Since winds were light, we were able to gybe easily and made great time. We are loving the Maine Cat 30. It's a marvelous boat and will be a wonderful lake boat as well. Once again, Franci was at the helm and Stephen worked the lines. It's a fun boat to sail.


We are currently anchored on the southern tip of Tilloo Cay, south of Elbow Cay where Hope Town is located. We had delicious leftover steak sandwiches for lunch and Stephen is fishing. We have all afternoon to try several different fishing spots.




A boat just pulled up and the folks on board handed us a mackerel to have for dinner. They had a dolphin fish (mahi mahi) that they also had caught and were going to have for their dinner. Life is good here.




That evening we anchored at Tilloo Cay. It was full moon night and we enjoyed the sunset and moonrise immensely.



Sweet dreams!


8 thoughts on “Dolcevitaville Blog #5

    • We’re finally are responding to comments on our blog. We learn something new everday.
      We enjoyed the gig at Antones except my aging knees still hurt from standing on the concrete floor for hours,
      We’re just not as young as we used to be. It was still exciting though.


  1. May the stars, the sun, and the moon continue to urge and follow througout your journey. Such a great treat to get these posts from you guys! Holy smackin’ mackerel!

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