dolcevitaville blog #9

Tuesday, January 22

Another Dolce Vitaville sailing blog post blowin' your way!

But first a couple notes. We are following the blog too so we get the email letting us know there is a new post. When we open the email the post text comes up with holes where the pictures and videos should be. We have to go to to the very, very bottom of the page to click “display images”. When that is done the ones that are videos don't have the red arrow to start them. But if we click on the title of the blog, like this one “dolcevitaville blog #9,” it takes you directly to the blog website and all the videos have red arrows. Maybe if you do that first you do not have to go to the bottom and download the pictures, we're unclear. We do know that if you go directly to the website all the pictures are there and the videos have start arrows. We are still learning.

Also, blog #8 had a space keeping editor note for where to put in a boat tour video. We did not put the video in but forgot to take the note out. So, on with the show!

Before we start on today, Tuesday, we would like to show you some videos from Sunday that did not make in.


Back to Tuesday, we arose before sunrise. Franci made a nice sunrise video tour of the boat thinking she had flubbed the one the night before. We are still working on that one. This blog business has a large learning curve.

We left Man of War Cay around 8 am headed back to Hope Town. Stephen finally got a turn at the helm.


We're having fun with this blog thing.


We were instructed to arrive by 10:30 am so our host, Ron, could help us get fuel and water for the boat. They wisely do not allow charterers to dock the Moon Doggy. That's a skill that takes some practice and they prefer not to have guests practice with their boat. The fee for gas and water for our week's outing was less than $100. Folks who charter motor boats might be very envious. Although our charter was not officially over until noon, he wanted to get the fuel and water before the marina closed at noon. In Hope Town everything closes down from noon to one o'clock and folks go home for lunch….a very charming custom. The local church chimes play a tune at noon that can be heard by everyone in town, also a very charming custom.

It was precisely 10:26 am when we had completed our mooring and called Ron to let him know that we were back. It had been a beautiful sail from Man of War Cay to Hope Town. The winds had calmed down again coming out of the East at about 10 to 15 mph. It was a lovely, clear morning.

While Ron and Stephen docked the boat and refueled, Franci was busy packing up the rest of the stuff. By the time we got back to the mooring ball we had the packing completed. Ron left again and we had until noon to sit and relax and savor our last moments on Moon Doggy. We love the boat and, of course, the best part is that we will have one of our own like it but with more sail options and toots and whistles very soon. It will make a marvelous lake boat as well and we look forward to many wonderful times on Lake Travis with family and friends.


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