Dolce Vitaville Sailing Blog Post #11

Dolce Vitavillians,

The delivery voyage for our boat is about two and one half months away. We charter with Capt. Jay and Lyse starting April 24 in the Abacos, Bahamas aboard Moon Doggy for a week and from there to Bremen, Maine around May 2nd. Then we shove off for a voyage down the eastern seaboard a few days after that. We plan to blog the trip so you can come along. We estimate it will take four to six weeks to make Galveston. That means you could be sitting at the settee on the bridge deck with us on Lake Travis as soon as July! Here are the current photos of the boat in progress.

settee on bridge deck
master berth
galley and single berth forward
bow and port side
bow and starboard side
bow and underside bridge deck
stern and starboard quarter


starboard quarter

That's all for now. We'll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Dolce Vitaville Sailing Blog Post #11

  1. Cool, Man, Cool… Wish I could built a boat that fast!

    By the way, Nancy & I have boat fever, and might consider bringing a boat up from The Gulf. What’s it likely to cost to bring a 30-35 ft mono up from GB?

    Thanks, Jim

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