Dolce Vitaville Blog #16

Ahoy Maties,

On Friday we sailed to Guana Cay for a little snorkeling and fishing. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. Lyse raised the sails and Franci worked the jib. It took only a short sail to get to Guana Cay so we sailed around just for fun for awhile before anchoring close to Delia Cay.

Jay and Lyse put on their wetsuits and went out for a little snorkeling. They reported that they did not find a good spot for snorkeling but they had a lot of fun chasing a turtle with the dinghy instead.

It was a relaxing afternoon. Franci worked on the blog and caught up with email messages. There was good Internet service. Here we are relaxing in our berths.


Jay and Stephen tried a little fishing. After being successful fishing off the back of the boat, they took the dinghy to another good spot.

Lyse and Franci tried out the two gallon garden sprayer with the shower nozzle. It already had about a gallon of water in it. We added a pot of boiling water to it. It was enough for two people to have a nice warm shower

The fishing trip was a total success. Stephen cleaned the 10 grunts and one porgy that they had caught. It was a big job but he was a happy man.

After that he needed a good shower.

For dinner we had fresh fish, boiled potatoes and a green salad.

This is all that was left when we were through eating.


As always it was a beautiful sunset.

Life is good!

Fair winds,

Stephen and Franci


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