Dolce Vitaville #23 Arrival at Broadcove Marina

Saturday, May 3, Bob and Joyce drove us to Bremen to take delivery of the new boat. We were joined by sister Dianne and her son, Dave, a 22 year old boat builder who has ambitions to be a schooner bum. We had lunch in Wiscasset where Dave works at a boat building place that builds large boats for wealthy folks. We enjoyed getting to meet Joyce's family. As always the food was great.

Fried Haddock

Lobster Roll

Haddock Wrap

The company was marvelous as well.

Dick Vermeullen, the designer and builder of the Maine Cat 30, met us at the boat with all the many boxes that had arrived at his shop. We had ordered stuff from West Marine, Macy's, Target, the Container Store and many other places.


We were really grateful to have these guys with us to help move all our many boxes onto the boat.

The first day of Christmas had begun. We unpacked boxes, wiped out shelves and stowed new belongings until we were totally exhausted.


Life is good.

Fair winds.

Stephen and Franci


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