cape May to Norfolk, Virginia #33

We left Cape !ay at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 17. It was great to have auto pilot once again.

It would take us 24 hours to get to our next destination…….. Norfolk, Virginia. We had calm seas. The night was very peaceful. The girls saw no other boats on their watch. Capt. Ralph finally got a good night's rest. We did not have to wake him up once even. Usually his rest is disturbed sometime during the girl's watchi if only to set new way points for us on the GPS.

The boys reported that they saw two sailboats and a tug, but still it was a calm and peaceful night.

The seas were choppier when the girls got up for their watch. There would be no sunrise that morning. It was overcast with light rain. We had cream of wheat for breakfast. For lunch Stephen made a tremendous hot meal with Arlene's leftover stroganoff. He beefed it up with carrots and zucchinis. YUM!

That afternoon the girls got to take us into Hampton Rhode and to our anchorage in Willoughby Bay. Franci enjoyed her watch very much. She got to help put up the spinnaker and we were able to sail into our destination. What fun. It was so nice to have the auto pilot back as well. Life is good.

We passed two shipping lanes on our way into the Norfolk area.

It was fun to have an evening at anchor. We enjoyed happy hour and a delicious ginger beef dinner. We would take off the next morning at dawn headed for Coinjock, North Carolina where we will dock and have dinner at the marina restaurant famous for its 32 oz. prime rib. It's all about food. YUM!

Life is good.

Fair winds,

Frqnci and Stphen


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