6 thoughts on “To Cape May

    • Mike,
      Yeah, like we said in the video we have two 110 watt each (without checking) solar panels on the hard top over the open bridge deck that charge the marine battery. The two Yamaha 9.9 outboard motors also charge the battery when the are running. The are in cavities under the aft bridge deck bench seats and rotate up out of the water in their cavities when they are not running. Being farther forward than the usual placement at the stern of the pontoons means the capitate less in a sea way. Glad you are following. You guys need to come see this boat. I think you need one.

      • Mike,
        Wethink it is about 50. Interestingly the WordPress stats only tell you how many visits or hits which is abou 2000. I blogged the question about how many followers and there is a tie in that will approximate how many follower.

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