Through Georgia Swamps #41

Sunday, May 26

As usual we left at dawn. This dawn had an unusual bright red glow to it. It was stunning.

The waters were full of floating stuff everywhere, a mixture of grass and sticks from the surrounding swamps. We had to check and clean the engine propellers often.

The South is still very much alive in Georgia.

Franci took a turn at the helm early in the day but soon realized she still had a ways to go before achieving full recovery from her tumble. For her the majority of the day would be spent napping or reading.

There were few houses to be seen along the ICW although the ones we did see were very nice. By late morning we would see no houses at all. Everywhere was swamp land. As the day progressed, so did the number of bugs. We began to imagine that after dark there would be lots of bugs.


Late morning Stephen took a turn at the helm. He had to dodge lots of the floating muck in the water. During that time we saw a number of other boats, including lots of folks out enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, This one particular beach was extremely popular.

For lunch Ralph and Arlene peeled all the shrimp Stephen had bought the night before at the seafood restaurant in Thunderbolt. It was served with their homemade sauce and made an extremely gourmet meal.

As the afternoon progressed the swamps became more deserted and very shallow. At one point it was only 4.5 feet deep with mud banks on either side. It was low tide. We hit a stump but the prop was okay.

We saw folks heading in after a day of Memorial Day weekend fun.

We're pleased to have a dock space at Morning Star Golden Isle Marina near Brunswick, GA.

Dinner tonight at the restaurant here by the marina.

Life is good.

Fair winds,

Franci and Stephen


6 thoughts on “Through Georgia Swamps #41

  1. I was afraid something bad had happened when I saw the abrupt starboard turn. Heal quickly, Franci, and get back to sailing!

  2. Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. mike


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