Welcome to Delcambre #57

Still Thursday, June 13

Delcambre rhymes with welcome and that is certainly how we felt. We were greeted at the dock by T Boy Fox, the harbor master. He was born in Delcambre and made us feel very welcome. We also immediately met the folks on the houseboat tied up next to us as well as a guy who is captain on a fishing boat


T Boy drove us into town for dinner at the Texaco station. The restaurant is located in the convenience store but is not typical convenience store fare. It was some of the best fried shrimp we've had anywhere. The owner of the restaurant came and talked with us. Everybody in Delcambre is very friendly. While we were there several people came up to say hello and welcome us to Delcambre.

Delcambre is a shrimping community. They also grow rice and sugar cane. They are very proud of their Tabasco factory. They also have the friendliest people you've ever met anywhere. Hurricane Rita hit them pretty hard and folks are still rebuilding and recovering from that one. We also learned of the 1980 Lake Peignour disaster that happened just north of them. The Delcambre Canal was very much. affected by the disaster. Follow the link below to see a great video about it.



We met many of the folks who were tied up at the marina. Everyone made us feel like celebrities. They all wanted to say hello and find out who we were. If we had stayed longer we would have been hosted to tours of the local Tabasco factory and no doubt gotten to participate in one of their parties we read about. We met folks from Rockport who went there for a bag of ice and had stayed eight months.

A group of folks showed up with a welcome basket of goodies for us. Katherine and her husband, Jim, do this for all newcomers in the community. It contained rum cake, locally made sausage, bacon wrapped shrimp, several local products including Tabasco sauce, Steen's Cane Syrup, Cajun Power Garlic Sauce, Vermilion Hand Sanitizer, flowers and pamphlets about lots of local things we have yet to absorb.


We regret that we could not stay longer and will just have to come again someday. We made the following videos as our gift back to Delcambre. We certainly felt welcome in Delcambre and this is our way of saying thank you for your warm hospitality. We sincerely hope to return someday when we can stay longer.




The flowers have found a permanent home on our boat. They will always remind us that we need to return to Delcambre. We so enjoyed our welcome to Delcambre.

Life is good,

Fair winds,

Franci and Stephen


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Delcambre #57

  1. Bravo!!! Clapclapclapclapclap!!!! With all of these fun adventures you’re having, are you sure you want to put your boat in a lake?! Rick and I sure enjoy your posts even though we don’t say it all of the time. Stephen, Rick’s impressed with your ukelele skills, and I’m sure glad you have Ralph and Arlene to take care of you guys! See ya on land! Tallyho!

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