dolcevitaville blog #3

Wednesday, after buying provisions, we took the ferry to Hope Town where Ron, our chart rep, met us with his boat. He loaded our five bags and one cooler onto his boat mentioning that we had enough stuff for six people. He took us to Moon Doggy, the Maine Cat 30 we have chartered for the week.

He gave us an an hour to put away our “stuff” and then came back to give us a briefing on the boat systems. By that time it was four o'clock and we all agreed to put off the check out sail until the next morning,

We got into our dinghy and went to Capt. Jack's for dinner and drinks.


The next day, Thursday, we went for our check out sail. Ron is very thorough and even though we are experienced sailors we still learned some new tricks. We enjoyed our day of sailing and returned to Hope Town harbour that afternoon.


We did some sightseeing in Hope Town that afternoon and then returned to the boat to cook dinner….steaks, purple potatoes, snow peas and tomatoes….YUM! I have to admit that we are great cooks.




Sunset in the harbour was lovely.


4 thoughts on “dolcevitaville blog #3

  1. I am glad everything is working out for you guys, I can see in the pictures that LIfE IS GOOD!!!!
    You guys look so relax and having a good time.
    We are going for a party at Kay’s tonight and tomorrow is Paul and Polly’s birthday party, Sunday Salud will play Z Tejas, Pat is subing for you, you will be highly miss!!!!! but I reather be sailing myself too.

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