Dolce Vitaville Blog #18

Maties, another Dolce Vitaville sailing blog post blowin' your way!

Sunday morning we were up before sunrise. We generally get up before sunrise because dawn is so beautiful on the water.

They have good Internet service and I was able to catch up on a little blogging. It was a relaxing morning.
Lyse did her morning exercises in preparation for snorkeling today

Stephen did the daily job of emptying water from the ice chest. We use the water for the solar sun shower and 2 gallon sprayer.

At 10 a.m. we left Little Harbor but not before taking a short cruise around the harbor to get a better look at the caves.


Stephen made a nice video of the tour,


This man with his dog are out perhaps looking for conch. He supplied conch for a big conch salad at the restaurant last night. He also brought flowers for each of the ladies in the restaurant. Stephen gave him a tip and he got a flower, too.


Here's an interesting two masted boat we saw in the harbor

It was a short motor ride to our destination, Lynard Cay. There were six foot swells along the way and we were rocking and rolling. Our drinks rested nicely on the table. We love catamarans. We love this boat!

We anchored at Lynyard Cay and Lyse, Jay and Stephen put on their snorkeling gear and took off on their adventure. Franci stayed behind and prepared tuna fish for lunch. She also boiled water for the 2 gallon sprayer so that warm showers would be ready for them on their return.


On the other side of the beach was the ocean

They reported that it was an invigorating snorkel. They found fun things along the way.


A star fish.


A conch.


A sea biscuit.

After their adventure, they put the snorkel gear back on and returned to the boat, happy and satisfied.


After lunch, we set sail for Tilloo Cay where there is also good fishing and snorkeling. Jay wanted to troll along the way and took a day off from being at the helm. Franci got to sail the boat that day. Everybody is getting their wish list buttons punched. Life is good.

Here's Lyse helping Jay straighten out his trolling line, a lovely assistant she can be.

We arrived at our destination on Tilloo Cay at 5 p.m. We anchored by what they call the fish hotel. Our neighbors at anchor were fishing. Stephen watched them through the binoculars hoping to see them catch a fish. He attracted their curiosity and they came by to say hello.


Sunset was gorgeous as always.

At the moment the sun went down we enjoyed a group hoot together in honor of Lilly, Lyse's chimpanzee she raised back in the 70's.

For dinner we had Mahi Mahi grilled with zucchinis and served with rice and beans. For hor'derves we had leftovers from last night's dinner at Little Harbor.

Stephen and Jay tried a little fishing off the boat in the evening. In the morning it would be snorkeling.

Life is good.
Fair winds,
Franci and Stephen


2 thoughts on “Dolce Vitaville Blog #18

  1. Stephen, as the red shirt on the away team I’m glad you made it back. Looks like y’all are having too much fun.

    • George,
      Yes, We are having too much fun. We’re in Cape Cod leaving today,Sun., for Cape May. Arriving Tues. Check the new blog posts. Today is the 8th day of Christmas.

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