Dolce Vitaville Blog #19

Ahoy Maties,

To begin, a word of advice to any of who are following and are not seeing photos with this blog. If you click on the title, Dolce Vitaville Blog #19, all the pictures will come up.

Sunday night we had happy hour and a great dinner. We listened to Sister Jane on the laptop and had a really, really good time!



Monday morning we all slept late. The sun had already come up when we finally arose. There was a lot of moaning. We may have had a little too much fun at happy hour the evening before. Stephen had a few miscellaneous pains, perhaps a little sore from his snorkel experience the day before.

We were anchored by the fish hotel at Tilloo Cay. Lyse and Jay took off on another snorkeling adventure. Stephen drove the dinghy, but this time he just fished while they snorkeled. Franci stayed on the boat to catch up on some blogging.

The snorkelers reported an okay snorkel. Lyse was pleased to see some new coral growth, although she said she got a little cold toward the end. They saw a barracuda, a grouper guarding his home near some cinder blocks, a small lobster, a giant starfish, lots of small tropical fish, a HUGE starfish.and the BIGGEST sea cucumber they have ever seen. They also saw a barbeque pit and some random garbage. Stephen caught two small yellowtail snapper which he intends to use for cut bait.

After lunch, we anchored by White Sound where we took the dinghy to Sea Spray Marina for ice.

We got a kick out of seeing our favorite spot, the Abaco Inn, from the water.

That night we anchored at Tahiti Beach. We dinghied ashore at low tide and found lots of living sea life.

Jelly Fish

Sea biscuits


Sand Dollars



We saw a baby conch as well but the camera had run out of batteries by then. It was a very cool tour. Magic!

For dinner we had grilled chicken, green beans, potatoes and salad.

Jay did a little evening fishing.

We expected a thunderstorm in the night so we put down the eisenglass protection all around. Just before retiring, a large moth flew into the cockpit and startled us. It was actually quite lovely.


The sunset was great an we could not resist one more group hoot.



Life is good.

Fair winds,

Stephen and Franci




1 thought on “Dolce Vitaville Blog #19

  1. I’ve never seen a live sea biscuit before! I have a petrified one that we found near Glen Rose. I suppose it’s a dinosauric sea biscuit! The cave looks pretty cool, too! Ah, the color of that water…….. You guys keep having fun during your hopefully peaceful journey!

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