Dolce Vitaville Blog #20

Ahoy Maties,

Rain was anticipated but it did not happen. It was a lovely sunrise.


This was to be our last full day on Moon Doggy and we were looking forward to a nice sail to Sugar Loaf Cay where we intended to spend the night. As it turned out we went around Set Point to Matt Lowe Cay since It provided protection from the SSE winds of the day.

Lyse got in a little helm time


Stephen tried a little fishing but got his line caught in the rudder and had to cut it. Later when we had anchored he would get into the water to find that the line had freed itself and all was fine.


Here's a little note of interest, especially to the guys. The ceiling above the potty is somewhat low making it seem difficult to relieve oneself standing up. Jay here has worked that problem out.

Lyse and Franci made chicken salad for lunch with last night's left over chicken. It was delicious.

We planned to anchor at Sugar Loaf Cay that night but the winds were not right. for that. These islands by Sugar Loaf Cay are called The Humps.
We went to Matt Lowe Cay instead. Wow. What a beautiful anchorage.
Lyse volunteered to put out the anchor. It began to rain just as we were about to anchor. She learned that although ponchos work very well with horses, they are not recommended for sailboats.

Later we moved to anchor on the other side of the power boat to give him some more room.

That afternoon Jay took a nap, Franci blogged and all enjoyed a little quiet time.

For dinner the challenge was to eat as many of the leftover food as possible. We still had shrimp cocktail to go along with chicken salad, tuna salad, fruit, frozen vegetables and other miscellaneous leftover items.


Wednesday morning we would turn in the boat by noon. It would be the end of a grand adventure. Stephen got a little helm time on the way back to Hope Harbor.

Life is good.

Fair winds,

Stephen and Franci


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