New York City #29

Wednesday, May 14, was a relaxed morning. We pulled in at dawn. Ralph and Arlene immediately went down for a nap. Stephen and Franci stayed up sipping rum and enjoying multiple sunrises. We eventually went down for a nap as well.

Upon arising Ralph and Arlene refueled and checked in at Liberty Landing. Dolce Vitaville moved into its space on D dock. We were issued keys to the lounge with showers and laundry facilities.


For lunch we had sandwiches.

While we showered and did our laundry, Ralph and Arlene washed the boat. She had picked up a lot of salt water on the choppy passage. When they got done she sparkled and shone.

For dinner Stephen cooked yummy pork chops over rice with broccoli. We continue to eat well on the Dolce Vitaville.

The following morning we worked hard on our blog. Ralph looked at the charts and plotted our next passage to Cape May, New Jersey. For breakfast we had cream of wheat and toasted English muffins.

We enjoyed taking a tour of the Liberty ship. It now houses offices but we were welcome to take a look around.

Arlene worked hard washing and polishing all the eisenglass windows. Ralph tightened the rigging and made us a “Turk's head” to mark the center of the wheel.

He and Arlene worked together to try to eliminate the problem of water leaking down the mast into the cockpit and hall closet.

For lunch we had tuna fish sandwiches.

Everyone but Ralph got in a little nap so as to be rested for our big outing into the Big Apple that evening.

To be continued……………



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