New York City (continued) # 30

Our trip to town was loads of fun. We met these nice folks on the water ferry ride over to Manhattan. We had lots in common and enjoyed talking about sailboats, BVI's, food and other fun topics.

When we got to the city we took a cab to the Marriott Marquis. On the 48th floor is a restaurant called The View which rotates around giving you a 360 degree view of New York City. We had numerous cocktails and had a great time. We finished up with their delicious buffet and incredible dessert buffet. It was stupendous.

We finished up with their delicious buffet dinner and incredible dessert buffet.


Our waiter, Sean, was really entertaining and we really enjoyed his style.


We stayed as long as we could and then caught a cab back to the ferry dock. Along the way the cab took us down Broadway..

We made a quick trip through the Winter Gardens, a beautiful structure created in memory of the Twin Towers. The void left by their destruction has now been filled with parks and gardens. The Winter Garden was outstanding.

We think this rooftop park area is also dedicated lot the Towers but we did not have time to read all the inscriptions.


The lights of the city were beautiful as the sun went down.

We caught the 8:45 ferry back to Liberty Landing. We were happy to be back on Dolce Vitaville. Shortly after our arrival there was a nearby fireworks display. I have been to NYC a number of times in my lifetime, but I think arriving by boat is my favorite so far.

Life is good.

Fair winds,

Franci and Stephen


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