Across Florida – Day 3 #46

Monday, June 3

It was a beautiful dawn in the Franklin Lock Campgrounds.

We made it to the 7 a.m. opening of the Franklin Lock which would take us down 2 feet and put us back into brackish waters. Today we make it to the Gulf of Mexico.

We passed through one last basculle bridge.

For breakfast we had cream of wheat with English muffins and fruit. Yummy! Forgot to take a photo.

We saw some sort of very large power plant.

In Fort Myers we stopped for fuel and ice. Today we are headed offshore into the Gulf of Mexico.

The boat got a little wash inside and out.

The news of the morning is an upcoming tropical storm that should hit us by Wednesday.

Tonight the weather is good and we turn right and head off shore to Barrington, close to Tampa, Florida. We expect to arrive tomorrow midday.

Currently Stephen is at the helm and we are still headed to the coast. We are surrounded by lots of civilization here in the Ft. Myers area… and houses and bridges and boats everywhere.

Life is good.

Fair winds.

Franci and Stphen


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