Welcome Home #59

Saturday, June 15 –

We arrived at Seabrook Marina at 2 p.m. Our friends Steve and Sherry were waiting for us on the dock. Steve had been up at 4:30 a.m. tracking our progress and was the first to notice when the SPOT went off between 4:45 and 6:00 a.m. Apparently it needs to be reset every 24 hours. We had traveled through the night and Ralph did not remember to reset it until 6 a.m. They even noticed when our speed picked up to 10 knots later in the morning and began to move quicker themselves. Also at the dock was Dean, the harbor master at Seabrook Marina, showing us to the dock space that may be the home for Dolce Vitaville for the next month.


Steve and Sherry tended to our immediate needs. Priority one was to make a trip to the West Marine for an adapter to make our electrical cord work. AC is after all a priority item here in Texas where mosquitos are large and aggressive. Priority two was a trip to the liquor store for adult beverages. After that we were ready to go back to the boat, take showers, settle in and party for awhile.

Steve and Sherry brought numerous musical instruments and it was not long before we were jamming and singing. We had a blast. We made one recording and this one we would like to dedicate once again to the folks in Delcambre, Louisiana who were so very warm and welcoming to us. We still want to return to Delcambre someday when we can stay longer.



At some point we had to take a break and go seek food. We ate at Skipper's, a Greek restaurant that would become our favorite. We ate every meal there for the next three days except Sunday night when they were closed. After dinner we went back to the boat for more musical fun. Thanks to Steve and Sherry for bringing the instruments and the energy to make this possible. Ralph and Arlene taught us how to toast King Neptune for the successful end to a successful journey. We were pretty much glassy eyed after our all night adventure the day before, but it was a wonderful welcome home occasion. The aloha party had begun.

On Sunday more folks came to welcome us home. Our friend and neighbor Sharon came along with her son, Ray, and our son, Ben. They brought our van to us so we could now have land transportation. It was Father's Day and a great day to be celebrating. Our friends Eric and Alicia showed up and they ultimately took Sharon and the boys back to Austin along with six gerry cans that needed to go as well. What heroes. We have wonderful friends. We had eleven people on Dolce Vitaville. What an ahoha party it was. Alicia and Franci christened the boat by drinking a bottle of champagne. King Neptune appropriately got most of it as the glasses would spill in the wind sometimes before even a sip was taken. Early evening we all went to dinner at Valdos, a great seafood restaurant we like to go to when Skipper's is closed. After that the party dispersed and we went to bed early that evening. Ralph and Arlene were excited to be staying at a motel for the night. They had moved out so as to make the boat clear and ready for clean up the next day.

Monday we worked hard washing the boat and doing last minute things. Ralph installed another set of holders for the second boat hook. He also briefed us as best he could on things we will be needing to do for Dolce Vitaville. We have much to learn about properly maintaining our new water home. Arlene, Franci and Stephen washed the boat inside and out. It was a high energy day and everyone did as much as they could.


That evening we had our last dinner at Skipper's and the following morning we would have our last breakfast at Skipper's. We left at noon on Tuesday, June 18, to take Ralph and Arlene to the airport after which we drove home ourselves.

Blackened Fish of the Day

Gyro sandwich and Greek salad

Greek salad with chicken.
Spanakopita (spinach pie)

We arrived home to find house and yard impeccably kept. Our friends (our neighbors) had done a marvelous job with everything, There were flowers on the table to greet us. The house was spotless, at least until we off loaded all of our stuff everywhere.

The pool looked inviting.

The vegetable garden was absolutely incredible and is currently producing squash. peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, chard, malabar spinach, basil and other herbs and flowers. Tomatoes are just around the corner.

We are so very blessed. It's been a joy having each of you with us on this journey. The blog was created to document this adventure of a lifetime and there will still be one more chapter coming when we finally transport the boat from Seabrook to Lake Travis which is to be its final destination. Thanks for taking the journey with us. We look forward to many good times on Dolce Vitaville and hope to someday share it with you.

I awoke early this morning, looked up at the high ceiling above me and thought, “We must be sleeping in the cockpit.” Moments later I realized that we were back at our land home in Elgin. The washer/ dryer has run constantly since we returned. We are also catching up on office things that are behind and need to be done. We hope to get back to our new water home, Dolce Vitaville, by the weekend.

Life is good.

Fair winds,

Franci and Stephen



5 thoughts on “Welcome Home #59

  1. Welcome Home!!! i have really enjoyed the trip as i have read the blogs!!! thanks for keeping us posted and taking us along, so to speak–chris

    • Thanks to all of you who followed the blog. We appreciated the comments very much. The boat will be in Seabrook a few weeks awaiting transport to Lake Travis. We will be making lots of trips back and forth.
      Thanks again,
      Stephen and Franci

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