Galveston Bay Tues. 7.9.13


We could not resist one more sail on the bay so today we went out. The mast comes down on Wed. The the boat goes on the trailer Friday. It trucks to Lake Travis on Sunday with launch Monday the 15th. It sounds simpler than it probably will be. Hope you enjoy these short videos.




2 thoughts on “Galveston Bay Tues. 7.9.13

  1. Looks like a beautiful day for sailing! It’s raining at my house right now, and I hope it’s raining at Lake Travis, too! May the lake fill up for you, and may the boat make it into the water all in one piece. Peace.

    • Laura,
      We hope for rain too. But we’ll take you sailing soon rain or shine. This time next week we should be in the lake with the mast up and ready to go.
      Stephen and Franci

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