First encounter with unstepping a mast. #60

June 27, 2013


Recently our good friends, Jim Neece, and his lovely wife, Nancy, bought a new boat. Jim and Nancy are our long time friends who invited us to join them on their honeymoon in the BVI's back in 2009. We've been hooked on sailboat charters ever since. Jim and Nancy recently sold their sailboat on Lake Travis (27 foot monohull) and bought a 32' O'Day sailboat. Our friends from Houston, Helyn and Gary Mack, bought the 27 ft boat not realizing that all parties involved were friends of ours. Soon both parties discovered that they shared our friendship in common.

When the day came to unstep the mast of the boat and put it on a trailer for transport to Houston we could not resist attending the event. We had also learned that they had hired the same rigger and transporter who would soon be moving our boat from Seabrook to Lake Travis. What an opportunity. Here are few photos from that June morning at Lake Travis.






We only stayed for the taking down of the mast. We had other things to do that afternoon but it was a good introduction for the adventure ahead.

Life is good,

Fair winds,

Franci and Stephen


1 thought on “First encounter with unstepping a mast. #60

  1. Great pictures, thanks again for helping…

    How’s Dolcevitaville? Did y’all get it loaded and the mast stepped? When will it get here? Would you like a hand? When & where?


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